Lincoln and Revian together offer the first 100% electric car
Lincoln and Revian together offer the first 100% electric car

Lincoln has announced plans to partner with Revian to develop an entirely new electric car as part of Ford's previous initial investment in Revian.

The first Lincoln fully electric car is added to the hybrid car family, which includes pilots and pirates. This reinforces Lincoln's commitment and focus on developing electric vehicles.

The completely harmless tool will feature an intuitive network communication technology that will give Lincoln customers an uncomplicated experience.

"Our partnership with Rivian is our goal for the future and our goal in the manufacture and development of all electric cars," said Joey Valotico, President of Lincoln. “Technology sets new standards to completely eliminate emissions and ensure performance. Provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-use network connection technology, which means customers get great products.”

Lincoln has introduced four new sports cars, the most important of which are cruisers, drivers and sailors in the past three years. All-new options contributed to the 7% annual sales growth of the Lincoln SUV. Luxury car makers have been selling the best cars in the United States successfully for 16 years.

With the introduction of Lincoln's new luxury electric vehicle, the production of the MKZ sedan is expected to stop this year and preparations for the production of the new Ford electric cars begin at the Mexican assembly plant Hermosillo.

Battery-powered electric cars are built on the Rivian platform to include part of the Rivian capital investment in Ford, and this new car will be part of a previously announced Ford investment with an investment of over $ 11.5 billion. It is used in the development of electric vehicles, including the Mustang Match E and the fully electric version of the best-selling F-150 pickup.

“Our partnership with Ford development vehicles is a great opportunity to combine our technology with Lincoln's vision for innovation and development, and we are proud to work with them to produce the first fully electric vehicle,” said Riv RJ Scarring, CEO of Rivian.

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