Airplane mode avoids high bills for air or sea travel
Airplane mode avoids high bills for air or sea travel

According to Gay Haines, the traveler, many travelers still face expensive accounting problems, even if the phone is in a bag and has never been used. He can connect to the satellite network. Before heading to Barbados, her handbag had forgotten to switch to airplane mode.

On arrival, Haines found that she paid 1,450 dollars, twice the cost of a transatlantic ticket. Although she didn't use a phone to make or receive a call, the phone automatically sent the satellite signal to the network via the plane's antenna. Word.

Heinz was one of dozens of people traveling in the air and at sea. Their phones were automatically connected to roaming satellite networks and got a shocking bill. Although there are laws regulating foreign roaming charges, the law does not apply to satellite networks in aircraft and ships that charge higher fees for satellite TV data unless customers disable the data roaming service.

Some ferry passengers faced the problem after connecting the phone to the satellite network, which happened to the traveler Emma Hamilton, who doubled her monthly bill for O2 after the ferry trip.

O2 communications operator said customers should turn off data roaming service before boarding the ferry to prevent them from calling satellite services.

As cellular and gateway operators are under increasing pressure to provide internet services without touching the phone, more and more passengers face problems, and the cost of each megabyte can exceed $ 13. This corresponds to individual mobility. The required size for the site.

When a ship or aircraft approaches the borders of a country and the cell phone receives the strongest signal, the cost can be high and in the event that a signal is received from another country, the user pays international roaming charges and in return does not receive automatic text messages. Create roaming charges from your service provider.

How to avoid extra costs:

  • • Be careful when approaching the limit where the phone signal is stronger.

  • • If you are in the air or at sea, you must put the device in airplane mode because the phone can connect to a foreign network or satellite system on or near the ship you are working on.

  • If you believe an unfair fee has been imposed and you cannot solve the problem with your service provider, file a complaint.

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