Wello Family Solar Electric Bike Show
Wello Family Solar Electric Bike Show

At the Consumer Electronics Show at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES), the start-up French company Wello presented a solar tricycle, the Wello family, to show how families can move children when the reduction in secondary emissions becomes critical or goods that have a carbon footprint Much less than traditional transportation. Carbon dioxide in the world.

The French company is developed for adult and passenger travelers with one or two adults on their backs and combines bicycles and cars by the Wello family. It is the first civilian car in French society connected to solar energy. The company developed this bike as a smart transportation solution for the masses. Equipped with three wheels and a battery covering 100 kilometers per day.

The battery can be charged with electricity on sunny days or via a new generation of solar panels. To operate in all conditions, the bike provides options with two drives, including pedal and auxiliary engines.

The functional pedal means that the car is a bike legally, so there is no need to obtain a driver’s license, insurance, examination, parking fees, costs, or other problems associated with owning the vehicle.

Wello Family Solar Electric Bike Show
Wello Family Solar Electric Bike Show

The bike is light and compact, and the back seat becomes a box. Company data indicates that the bike can handle 800 liters or 80 kg of cargo and helps the Wello family's engine reach speeds of 25 to 40 km / h. H, depending on the version.

In fact, bikes can be run on bike paths. Thus, it is the ideal solution for quick and easy use in big cities, as it is not only a convenient transportation, but also 100% environment friendly, and does not emit carbon dioxide at all. Their small size can withstand harsh environments, for example, b - the distance between two cars, which are 2.2 meters long and less than one meter wide.

Thanks to its cover, it can also be used in rainy weather. Wello Family Rechargeable Bike also has Bluetooth connectivity and its mobile app, which provides translation and advice functions for daily use, as well as usage data stored in the cloud in real time, which users can access when needed.

The price of a solar-powered electric tricycle for the Wello family is said to be around $ 8,800 (the price will be lower when the solar panels aren't used), making the grab for this small electric car an obstacle.

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