AirPods Pro has poor noise reduction performance
AirPods Pro has poor noise reduction performance

Some AirPods Pro owners have complained about the recent drop in noise cancellation in recent weeks, which is one of the product's major selling points, and they say Apple's latest headphones can't do this. Effectively reduce ambient noise after firmware upgrade received update.

The Rtings testing and evaluation platform has retested the AirPods Pro and found that the noise canceling function encountered problems after updating the firmware 2C54, which Apple subsequently introduced for unknown reasons, but affected clients said the problem was in November. Firmware 2B588 released.

Rtings says: After updating the firmware 2C54, we tested the headphones again and our results show that the performance of noise isolation and suppression functions has decreased significantly, especially in the bass range, i.e. when the environment is activated the headphones do not work properly. This work is good.

The owner of the headphones informed Bose that this phenomenon indicates that the software update had affected the noise reduction function, and that the company, like some others, had faced months of controversy over headphones QuietComfort 35 II. Customers insist that this update terminates functionality. Noise is greatly reduced compared to the original performance.

A lot of people say they have this problem and a worsening situation until Bose visits customers to understand what's going on, and Sony in Japan has dealt with similar complaints about the 1000XM3 helmet issue.

Tests have shown that some changes have been made, and that the platform has found that Apple has also made minor changes to the AirPods Pro headphones with these updates.

Since AirPods first launched, Apple has decided to prevent customers from seeing the firmware update process, so the entire process occurs in the background without warning messages. This is not possible for users to decline AirPods software updates, and there is no direct way to perform the update process on demand.

This approach means that in the event of a problem, there will be no solution to reverting to the previous AirPods Pro software update, and that some AirPods Pro owners are confident that the noise cancellation feature will be available immediately after the first 2B588 update.

Unlike other headphone manufacturers (including Sony and Amazon), Apple users cannot adjust noise reduction through the Settings menu, because AirPods Pro headphones are designed to dynamically adjust volume to reduce noise according to the environment.

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