Apple may have to drop the Lightning charging cable
Apple may have to drop the Lightning charging cable

The European Union is updating plans that could force smart phone makers like Apple to use the same charging methods. European decision makers want to simplify consumer lives and reduce e-waste in 28 countries. So you want to provide a universal charging cable.

The proposal may pose special challenges for Apple. Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones and iPads through its so-called Lightning communications. "We can continue down this path," said Rosa Thun and Hohenstein, European legislator for the European Parliament.

According to the European Parliament, older chargers produce more than 51,000 tons of e-waste annually, while lawmakers want to use a suitable charger for phones, tablets, e-book readers and any other mobile device, which is Apple The Das Blitzkabel des May be businesses that charge and sync devices Various are dangerous.

However, Apple believes that the EU plan will threaten innovation, and last year the company told European institutions that compatibility regulations for all types of connectors integrated into smartphones freeze innovation rather than encourage innovation. These recommendations are harmful to the environment and can cause interference. Not required for clients.

Microsoft warns that it will use Lightning connectors to ship more than a billion devices from its hardware, as well as the entire hardware manufacturer ecosystem that customers share with Lightning connectors.

The company wants to ensure that new regulations do not ship unnecessary cables or external adapters to each device, or that devices and accessories are used by millions of Europeans and hundreds of millions of Apple customers in Europe around the world. Ignored and outdated.

Apple automatically turned off the Lightning port on the iPad 2019 tablet and moved to the USB-C port on MacBooks. USB-C and micro USB ports are also used on Android devices.

"This is a long-term goal for this industry," said Dexter Thielen, chief analyst at Fitch Solutions. Most Android devices already use the same USB-C and micro-USB charging system, so this decision has a huge impact on Apple. The second deal.

However, Dexter Thelin also said that Apple is already using the USB port on some iPad computers. So this is not new for them, and this change only applies to future models.

The European Union called for a unified pricing mechanism in 2014 when the European Union executive body, the European Commission, tried to encourage smart phone manufacturers to develop solutions, but the voluntary plan failed to achieve the goals set by European policy, and they are now looking for a way to put it into law.

Apple signed a memorandum of understanding with 10 tech giants like Nokia and Samsung in 2009 and promised to provide consumers with a compatible mini-USB charger. However, Apple took advantage of the vulnerability that allowed manufacturers to continue using their chargers after charging the device adapters.

In 2014, the European Union adopted a new directive requiring new efforts to develop global chargers. Apple has insisted that its small devices will not be able to integrate the new USB-C technology at the time, saying it will cost up to 20 to meet required standards. Billions of dollars.

Smartphone developers launched wireless chargers. Technology is still in its infancy. Thanks to new developments, he can now keep up with traditional shipping methods, and analysts believe this will be the future and because companies want to prove that they have changed. The environment and the implementation of the public transport system are steps you can take without much resistance.

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