Apple has to pay billions of dollars for patent violations
Apple has to pay billions of dollars for patent violations

About four years after the trial began, Apple requested nearly $ 1 billion in patent infringement compensation from the California Institute of Technology. According to Bloomberg, a jury decided that Broadcom's iPhone and iPad paid $ 1.1 billion to the institute.

The institute's attorneys said: Apple is responsible for paying $ 838 million, Broadcom for $ 270 million, and a jury is responsible for determining whether Broadcom chips use institutional patents and what amounts are used by Apple and Procom that must be considered in paying compensation.

The lawsuit, which was first filed with the Los Angeles Federal Court in 2016, claims that Apple's Broadcom Wi-Fi chip has violated its patent.

The lawsuit applies to all Apple products, including iPhone, iPads, Macintosh computers, iMacs, Apple Smartwatches, Apple TV platforms, HomePod Smart Home platforms, and even discontinued AirPort routers.

Apple rejects patent infringement by saying: These patents relate to the coding systems used to correct data transmission errors in the WLAN 802.11 standard. Apple and Broadcom have refused patent infringement, not even if they use the California Institute of Technology, they are not entitled to reasonable compensation. invention.

The only question before the jury is whether the Broadcom chip uses the California Institute of Technology's patent and the amount of damage. The jury supports the institute's argument that patented technology is the key to maintaining Apple's competitiveness in the wireless market. ,

The California Institute of Technology's patent covers the performance and speed of the wireless network, including factors such as heat, power, and chip size. A jury lawyer, William Price, said the numbers set by the jury had been violated based on more than 598 million devices sold by Apple in the United States.

Apple announced its intention to appeal the decision, while Broadcom said in a statement: "Although we thank the jury members for their services, we do not agree with the reality and legal basis of the decision, and we intend to appeal."

Broadcom is Apple's main supplier. About a fifth of sales in 2019 were created by iPhone manufacturers. Broadcom announced last week that it had signed an agreement to sell $ 15 billion in chips to Apple.

“The jury notes that Apple and Broadcom have violated our patents, and we are glad that we, as a non-profit university, are committed to developing human knowledge and strengthening society through integrated research based on improving our mission and protecting our intellectual property.

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