New solutions from F5 Networks accelerate the development of modern applications
 New solutions from F5 Networks accelerate the development of modern applications

F5 Networks NGINX Controller has launched 3.0, the latest version of a cloud-based control application that helps businesses in business improve their resilience and business functions, reduce risk and improve digital user experience.

F5 Networks has developed these applications to increase organizational productivity and efficiency because the 3.X Series is the first multi-capabilities cloud computing self-service monitoring platform to facilitate collaboration between development teams. Applications, network operators, and those responsible for their protection measures and management of information applications for institutes.

NGINX Controller provides a range of application services, including upload and data management tools, application programming tools, usage analysis, and network services. The methodology of program and application management has been adopted, which simplifies the management of these tools and reduces the accumulation of various applications to the extent that makes them an obstacle preventing institutions from submitting their requests and programs effectively. In addition, the new control app provides improved performance and functionality for a lower total cost of ownership.

“This is our first release since we joined F5 Networks in May. It is an example of the value that brings together NGINX and F5 Networks by introducing an application,” said Jose Robertson, NGINX Vice President, Senior President and General Manager. Solutions in F5 networks. Control 3.0 is an essential self-monitoring platform for comprehensive development services and development processes. We have made the user experience the focus of these applications, which are the most important assets that organizations want to provide, and this represents a qualitative change from the stage when the focus was on providing application solutions. Depending on the infrastructure, applications can also be developed for users using tools to manage application programming. We are happy with this important achievement. "

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