Asics introduces its first smart shoe under its brand
Asics introduces its first smart shoe under its brand

Asics works with Japanese "No No Folk" colleagues to equip their shoes with the necessary sensors

CES 2020: Japanese company Asics introduces its first smart shoe under its brand

As every year, CES is not only limited to smartphones and computers, but also includes products based on many technologies. During the exhibition, Japanese company Asics presented its first model of a smart sneaker, which is supported by sensors developed in cooperation with its citizen No New Folk.

The company used many different refreshments and then planted them in unnamed smart sports shoes the same style as the Orphe Track shoes available in Japan for about $ 300.

Orphe Track has several sensors between the upper and the upper part of the shoe, which can record the movement of the foot from six different angles. There is also a pressure and vibration sensor in the shoe. All of these movements are controlled by the STM32L4 chip, which features high motion detection accuracy and low energy consumption.

These shoes provide the wearer with detailed information on many activities, including energy consumption when placing the foot on the ground during hostilities, the degree of movement and ankle closure, as well as an analysis of foot contact with the ground and information about measuring the length of steps, which can be read with shoes.

It appears that Asics will follow the Orphe approach and the shoe price will be the same; knowing that the company states that its current design is not final, some modifications have been made, including sensor coating and not visible in the end-user version.

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