Byton introduces a 48-inch high-quality screen design on the Byton M-byte SUV
Byton introduces a 48-inch high-quality screen design on the Byton M-byte SUV

Byton recently demonstrated the opportunity at a CES event to discover its unique 48-inch screen on the Byton M-byte SUV to demonstrate the effectiveness of large screens in assisting pilots.

Byton released a trailer for the dashboard in the car during CES 2018, and the company returned to the show this year, confirming with a live demonstration that the large car screen was visible to drivers providing good support. ,

During Byton's live demo on the Byton-M-Byte SUV display at the M-Byte SUV, the company managed to capture the attention of its attendees with its impressive interactive display design on the dashboard. The screen size is 48 inches, even if the company has not yet finished developing a full screen program

The 48-inch Byton screen has a design that can be effectively integrated into the dashboard so that users can easily see the dashboard while driving. However, the small auxiliary display on the steering wheel distracts the driver's attention.

The large home screen user interface is divided into several parts using different tools. You can customize the part of the screen using different tools, you can also close a part of the screen separately, and the screen accepts video content only when the vehicle is stationary.

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