Britain ignores the United States and gives Huawei a limited role in 5G networks
Britain ignores the United States and gives Huawei a limited role in 5G networks

Prime Minister Boris Johnson today gave Huawei a limited role in the UK's 5G network, although Washington has refused to do so. In recent months, Huawei has been trying to prevent its strategic allies from taking actions that could endanger national security.

Great Britain should establish its "own relationship" with the United States against the trade and investment ties it intends to develop after leaving the European Union. Johnson's decision - the biggest test of his foreign policy since Britain's exit from the European Union - decided to allow "high-risk sellers" access to the "insensitive" part of the 5G network.

However, the government stated that Huawei's participation will be limited to 35%, which does not include the sensitive part of data processing, and that all major networks and sites (such as nuclear sites and military bases) will be excluded from the participation.

The British move should scare the government of President (Donald Trump), who fears China will use Huawei to contact Western countries. London has warned that any role in Huawei could lead intelligence agencies to work together.

"This is a solution for the United Kingdom, and for certain reasons in the United Kingdom, this decision responds to the challenges we face," said Nikki Morgan, UK Minister of Communications after a Johnson Security Council meeting organized by Johnson.

The UK telecom industry has warned that Huawei's ban could cost billions of dollars and delay the launch of 5G networks. (BT) and (Vodafone) the largest British telecom companies already use Huawei devices.

Last year, the Chinese ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming, said that Huawei's ban would affect Chinese trade and investment in the UK, and told BBC: "This is not just very bad news for Huawei for Chinese companies."

It is worth noting that Huawei was not specifically mentioned in the UK government statement, but UK internet security officials have said they have always treated the company as a "high risk" seller.

According to Huawei, the British government can continue to work with customers to ensure that 5G products are on the right track, which reassures Huawei.

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