SonicWall TZ350 02-SSC-0942 Network Security Appliance
SonicWall TZ350 02-SSC-0942 Network Security Appliance

Quickly protect yourself from threats with an integrated security solution integrated into the SonicWall TZ series. The TZ series is developed for small networks and distributed companies with remote and secondary sites and offers five different models that can be adapted to your specific requirements. Advanced networking and management features like the secure SD-WAN and uninterrupted deployment make it easy to create a new website you need. Add optional features, including Wi-Fi PoE / PoE + and 802.11ac support, to create a unified security solution that protects your network and data from the latest threats in telecommunications.

Best performance for SOHO 250 and TZ350 series

  • Get high-speed performance with improved security processors
  • Defense against threats thanks to machine learning
  • Use shared threat information to keep the security update
  • Use the Contact Seam app to get your firewall up and running quickly
  • Manage everything from one place with Capture Security Center

High speed performance

  • Use parallel hardware architecture with multiple cores
  • Fast performance with Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Use individual process control
  • Synchronous network flow check with deep packet scan
  • Add Integrated 802.11ac WiFi (Optional)

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Cloud platform purchase

  • Intelligence Threat use of over a million SonicWALL sensors worldwide
  • Automatic traffic signatures developed by SonicWall Capture Labs researchers are protected in real time
  • Continue collecting Cloud Platform to get millions of malware signatures
  • Manage platforms, licenses, reports and analysis on one platform using Capture Cloud Platform

Control and flexibility network

  • You can access various network functions using the powerful SonicOS operating system in SonicWall.
  • Develop distributed networks with SD-WAN security while reducing costs
  • Turn on PoE-enabled devices with built-in PoE / PoE + support
  • Overview and control of web application usage
SonicWall TZ350 02-SSC-0942 Network Security Appliance
SonicWall TZ350 02-SSC-0942 Network Security Appliance

Distribute networks with VLANs

  • Safe and easy-to-use mobile connection
  • Use the original SSL VPN to securely and remotely access the resources behind the firewall
  • Connected to almost all operating systems: Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows 8.1, Mac OS X, Kindle Fire, and Linux
  • Find and remove hidden threats on VPN connections

SonicWall TZ350 02-SSC-0942 Technical index

  • SonicWall TZ350 Network Security Appliance 02-SSC-0942
  • Flexible security solutions that provide a unified security solution for small and medium businesses
  • Prevent malware and zero-day threats with advanced protection for cloud and cloud-based threats
  • Publishing applications that do not touch easy configuration and management that can be accessed from the cloud

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