China calls on Canada to release the daughter of Huawei founder
China calls on Canada to release the daughter of Huawei founder

China again asked Canada on Monday to release Huawei Technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou and hold a hearing before sending it to the United States later in the day.

"The Chinese government's determination to protect the relevant legal rights of Chinese citizens is firm and consistent," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jing Shuang told reporters. The Meng Qingzi case is a serious political problem at a daily press conference.

The daughter of Huawei Ren Rengfei company, Meng Wanzo, was arrested at Vancouver International Airport on December 1, 2018, at the request of the United States. She was charged with bank fraud and charged with deceiving HSBC in conducting Iran's Huawei Technologies business. Misleading.

The arrest angered the Chinese government, which subsequently arrested Canadian citizens Michael Coffrigue and Michael Saffier for national security reasons, and international observers said that the cases against Covrigue and Savo v. Bangladesh had taken place. Revenge.

On Monday, Meng is expected to represent the first trial against his extradition to Vancouver. The court is an important step in deciding whether to surrender to the United States and Chinese society, which has become a symbol of interstate tensions. An important test. The United States and China.

Huawei is facing massive pressure from the U.S. as it tries to expand the 5G network and the smart phone network. This problem weighed on Sino-US relations and placed Canada in a major position between the two superpowers of the world.

Although Washington and Beijing recently signed a temporary ceasefire, the Ming case shows that tensions have not been fully resolved as court proceedings are expected to continue until Thursday this week and determine whether the behavior of the US state wants to try to adhere to double criminal standards . in Canada.

It may take months or years for a judgment to be passed, and the matter may also affect the three countries concerned.

The Meng case marks the beginning of a difficult year for Huawei, which is set to start in 2020 when U.S. President Donald Trump legally fights the company in 2019 and suppresses his ability to work in the United States. ,

The United States government has long been concerned that Huawei poses a threat to national security, and that Beijing may use the company's products to monitor other countries, but the company has strongly rejected these allegations.

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