Kaspersky unveils Kaspersky Portal Management Portal
Kaspersky unveils Kaspersky Portal Management Portal

Kaspersky launches a simple and flexible license management portal, and Kaspersky Portal Management Portal provides hosting and publishing service providers a new self-service platform to simplify their licensing application for Kaspersky management and reporting.

The portal allows Kaspersky managed service providers and distributors to use the latest method of billing based on the use of a monthly subscription to provide customers with more flexible services.

Kaspersky introduces a new license management portal as part of the unified Kaspersky Unified Partner Portal, which allows users to access all the tools and information they need in one place.

One of the most important trends in Kaspersky Portal's managed portal hosting services is to maintain the annual growth dynamics of the IT market, as the number of globally managed IT service providers is expected to increase from 48,000 in 2016 to 2021. Review by Amy Partners.

As competition increases, service providers need more automation to improve sales, manage and accelerate subscriptions. Kaspersky License Management Portal provides a unified platform for hosting and publisher request providers, and Kaspersky subscription submits an application.

Kaspersky Portal Management Portal is the shortest way to get a test version of the product, but to put it into commercial service and pay with the latest payment methods based on use.

Test licenses can be created for any Kaspersky product, whether cloud or local. This allows partners to take advantage of all the benefits, create services and make them available to customers more quickly.

With the new subscription template, hosts can increase or decrease the number of subscriptions according to their needs while only paying the number of contracts used per month.

Dashboards allow partners to view reports from all clients, active subscription states, and license usage information at any time.

The portal also provides analyzes that help partners understand the services they provide, the number of licenses sold and how to protect the number of devices for changes. In this way, new sales opportunities can be opened by upgrading the products or by testing additional products.

Dmitriy Globetsov, Director of Business Development for Managed Service Providers, stressed that this partner channel is a strategic priority for Kaspersky. He pointed out that the channel has grown well in the past year and said: The partners continue to grow so that the growth reaches 60% of the annual sales of the hosting provider. The introduction of Kaspersky License Management Portal for License Management is an important step in our strategy. Partners provide tools to help them use Kaspersky products to provide more services to enhance partner systems. "

The new portal can now be accessed through Kaspersky Partner Portal, where partners can access the information and services needed to work with Kaspersky from a central location, including training, marketing and training resources. License management and product testing.

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