Cobra Laser Radar Detector
Cobra RAD 380

Cobra RAD 380 Laser Radar Detector Specs
  • Front and back Radar detection: Cobra's new LaserEye technology can detect the front and rear signals of the vehicle and provide you with all-round protection everywhere.
  • Long-term detection - the next generation of scalable IVT filters and advanced loss prevention systems can intelligently reduce false alarms in blind spots and other vehicle avoidance systems.
  • Early Warning - Digital signal processing can process all signals coming from the laser cannon quickly and provide accurate warnings quickly, so you can detect threats before they happen.
  • Updated software - the detector can receive constantly updated firmware, which improves performance and accuracy, and gives you the latest protection of information.
  • Everything you need - The Cobra RAD 380 radar detector is equipped with a 12-volt car cable, a windshield car holder with suction cups, a hook clip and a loop for mounting the dashboard anywhere.

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