DALLUX WCS5000 Backup Camera
DALLUX WCS5000 Backup Camera

DALLUX digital wireless backup set with 5-inch digital LCD screen and HD 1080P rear view camera
Full Wireless Rear View Camera System with 5 '' Transparent LCD Screen and 145 ° Wide HD 1080P HD Rear View Camera with 50ft LED Auto Night Vision. The rear view camera features IP69K protection class, which is completely weather resistant, solid, reliable and shockproof.

The wireless car camera system has a wide voltage system from 12 to 32 volts, which can be used simultaneously to output the car voltage. The wireless signal receiver also has the function of cardiac image and trend line online and offline. In addition, it can also determine the right direction for your car. The font size should be very nice in the list.

The DALLUX WCS5000 Reverse Wireless Camera System can be used for cars, trucks, trucks, cars, campers, SUVs, small vehicles, campsites, trailers, campers, school buses, convoys, dump trucks, trolley trailers, fifth wheels (fifth, rear view or front window), real-time image and excellent night vision function enables the driver to Driving safely at night and time.

Integrated HD radio camera
The wireless rear view camera is equipped with the latest 1080P HD camera chipset, integrated wireless digital transmitter, and transmits signals at a distance of about 30 meters without interference. When installing the camera, you no longer have to spend time installing a large signal transmitter.
DALLUX WCS5000 Cars Wireless Backup Camera
DALLUX WCS5000 Backup Camera

Ultra clear pictures of natural colors
1/3 '' color CCD image sensor for rear view camera. HD 1080P resolution, pixel area in 1/3 inch image sensor is larger than 1/4 inch, so image quality is better, CCD is superior to CMOS image sensor in terms of sensitivity, accuracy and noise reduction, and it has 1024 * RGB * 600 numbers giving the bowl a clear color image And very natural.

IP69K waterproof
The reverse camera is equipped with a patented housing with a special water-resistant connection process. The degree of protection is completely waterproof and is IP69K. In fact, it's currently above the IP index, which means the camera can work in all weather conditions (such as rain and storms).

Excellent night vision
Equipped with a bright LED light in two parts, the rear view camera can see up to 50 feet even in complete darkness! The image sensor can also work well in ambient light, even without ambient light. Unlike other CMOS image sensor cameras, the color does not change to pink.

145 degree viewing angle, without blind spot
The wireless rear view camera is equipped with a 6-layer high-resolution lens with a very wide viewing angle of 145 degrees. The rear view camera provides full rear view. This guarantees absolute security and no blind spots.

Adjustable guide line and interchangeable screen image
The menu on the camera's LCD screen can be adapted with or without parking assistance. You can select 6 sizes of guideline sizes to adjust your vehicle and screen image between the image mirror screen or the front image. This allows the connected camera to be used as a rear view camera or front camera.
DALLUX WCS5000 Cars Wireless Backup Camera
DALLUX WCS5000 Backup Camera

Various installation methods
The wireless car reception screen has a suction stand and a sticker on the underside of the stand so that you can place it on the dashboard or attach it to the windshield if necessary.

New suction cup holder
It is a newly developed suction stand that allows you to connect the screen to the instrument panel or the windshield. The direction can be adjusted easily to ensure that the angle is visible and can be removed without leaving any traces.

DALLUX WCS5000 Backup Camera Specs
  • Still, clear photos, a 1080P HD wireless rear view camera, and a 145 ° wide-angle wide-angle digital signage camera can provide high-resolution rear-view images. The wireless truck rear view camera with HD digital image processor and CCD sensor provides clear pictures without blind spots.
  • Scary Night Vision Camera The wireless license plate rear view camera is equipped with two LED lights. When the light is weak, it turns on automatically, so that night vision is achieved in the dark. So as not to escape the car obstacles from your eyes.
  • The easy-to-install bracket secures the integrated camera license plate. For ease of installation, you can adjust the camera angle up or down depending on the vehicle and the fixed point will transmit digital signals at 328 feet without flashing conclusions.
  • The durable and waterproof IP69K is weatherproof and can withstand extreme conditions. Do not worry about car wash or heavy rain. Operating temperature ranges from -68 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, and withstands all the harsh conditions of extending its life, it features a wireless rear view camera that operates on a power source 12-30 volts. It can be widely used in cars, trucks, trucks, trucks, trailers, SUVs, SUVs, cars, etc.
  • Mission Statement and Face Photo Display A 5-inch high-resolution color LCD screen with magnetic holder can be quickly attached to the windshield or dashboard using the suction cup holder, or simply removed or installed. Adjustable screen buttons with or without direction. Inverted screen image is normal view or mirror. The wireless backup screen can be used with a 12-30 volt cigarette lighter adapter.

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