Eurason Smart Watch Review
Eurason Smart Watch

Sleep detection
Automatically monitor sleep every night. The tracker automatically detects sleep and measures deep sleep, light sleep and wakeful sleep. Help you stay in shape.

Fatigue reminder
Stable memories can help you stay active. With the vibration alarm you can move for a long time in a sitting position.

Wait for endurance for 12 days
1. Easy to charge. Simply remove the device to be charged, no cables required.
2. The battery is durable and can be used for 3-5 days without charging.

Identify and record movements
Ten sports: indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor walking, trip, outdoor bike, treadmill, indoor walking, indoor bike, elliptical trainer, rowing machine
Eurason Smart Watch Review
Eurason Smart Watch

SpO2 records
The following groups focus on a group of strong intellectual workers in organizing the Alps Plateau.

With the IP67 water-resistant standard, you can exercise while washing, swimming, diving, or showering your hands without damaging the smartwatch. [Swimming (cold water, maximum depth: 1m, time limit: 0.5 hours) Do not allow diving in the sea.)

Introduction to special functions

How do I get this job?

First register an account and then set the gender to "female". The system prompts you to configure the menstrual cycle (if you do not need this function, click "ignore"). It suffices to record and preserve information about the physiological condition of four different women: "menstruation", "preparation time", "pregnancy period", "pregnancy period".
Scientific sleep
Eurason Smart Watch Review
Eurason Smart Watch

Scientific sleep is a function that really focuses on monitoring physiological indicators of sleep. Compared to traditional sleep, scientific sleep relies on the interpretation of sleep by modern medicine as well as sleep and the identification of accurate physiological sensations. Scientific sleep eyes rely on medical theory to understand data functions and material properties: deep half-sleeper sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movements and complete restoration of the sleep cycle.

Eurason Womens Smart Watch Specs
  • The tablet uses a beautiful 1.04-inch high-resolution TFT screen. The port is decorated with fine crystals. It can vibrate as you wish and is very beautiful.
  • A sleep diagnosis can measure the quality of sleep during the day and the depth of body movement during sleep, for example - “deep sleep” and “light sleep”. By tracking your daily sleep, you can understand motion balance and check the quality of your sleep. If you often wake up late at night, you can't treat this as a sleep situation and you may not be able to get sleep measurements. Please note that this is a mandatory post
  • For female jobs, you need to create an account in the app and then set the gender in your profile. If the gender is "female," the system will prompt you to configure the menstrual function for women (if you do not need this function), click "ignore" and save only the menstrual period and the gestational age. etc.
  • Information notification, call and message notification, phone notification, SMS, SNS notification (Line, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Ins) etc. Never miss any important contacts. The smart phone number, name, message content, or the corresponding SNS code are shown on the smart watch.
  • Long-life battery with a large capacity of 130 mAh "Android4.4 / iOS8.0 or higher, compatible with smartphones compatible with Bluetooth4.0. A special Japanese guide is also included so that the beginners in the smart bracelet can use it easily. With a capacity of 130 mAh The amp and charging time are two hours, the usage time is 3-5 days, the longest waiting time is 12 days and the driving time is large.

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