2020 ENGERWALL Real-Time Car GPS Tracker

2020 ENGERWALL Car GPS Tracker Specs
  • Professional and professional customer service - ENGERWALL's new GPS tracker benefits from a one-year manufacturer's warranty, 30-day unconditional right of return and an instruction manual that contains everything you need. If you need help, please feel free to contact us. You will get a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
  • Support - This new GPS tracker supports 9 to 90 V supply voltage and 5 meters accuracy and can be installed on all vehicles. It can help you locate and track fleets / cars / motorcycles / trucks / buses / taxis / RVs / electric bikes / scooters in real time. It supports 2G (GSM / GPRS) networks from T-Mobile and SpeedTalk in the U.S. and 2G networks from almost all operators in South America and Europe. Except for the SIM card, you must purchase a local SIM card with 2G (GSM / GPRS) function.
  • Exceptional function - This new car GPS tracker contains ultrafast alarm / tamper alarm / stop alarm / movement alarm / vibration alarm / departure or geo-fence entry alarm / access to angular data network death / GPRS transcription etc. All these alarms and functions can be accessed via APP / SMS / the web can be set and received. Therefore, you can monitor the car in real time, anytime and anywhere and keep it in good condition
  • The DAGPS smart high-speed platform with the free Lifetime DAGPS app can intelligently adapt and manage all functions. The app contains many interesting DIY features that are worth trying, such as: b - positioning, monitoring and managing large fleets in real time, identifying alert areas on the geofence and determining the maximum driving speed by identifying and tracking locations that you can use at any time and in Anywhere. Show your car. Real-time location, 90-day itinerary, etc. You can also manage this device via SMS / Network.
  • New advanced dual positioning function: The new ENGERWALL GPS Tracker with dual GPS and AGPS positioning function provides real-time tracking, positioning and historical track display as well as more accurate water and dust resistance functions.

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