Facebook launches the exciting activity "outside of Facebook" for all users
Facebook launches the exciting activity "outside of Facebook" for all users

Facebook today said: (Clear browsing history) This feature is available for social media users around the world after its release for a limited time 5 months ago.

Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world, announced a feature on August 20 that will affect the company because it can target advertisers. The job started with a delay of one and a half years.
Facebook launches an exciting "additional Facebook" campaign for all users

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has published an article announcing the release of the feature to all social media users. They released the feature for the first time in May 2018 when they said: The company is creating a feature called (Registry Clear) that allows users to view the applications and websites they interact with and remove that information from their account.

When the feature was released last year, the company said in a message: "Many applications and websites are free because they depend on ads. To reach people accused of selling products. These companies (including Facebook) exchange data on how people interact with websites from platforms Ads and other services. "

Facebook added: "This is the basis for most Internet users, but given that the average person who has a smartphone has more than 80 apps per month and uses 40 apps per month, it may be difficult for people to increase to stay in possession of these applications. Everyone uses them."

The Facebook Tools feature has been introduced to help users solve this problem. Users can view a summary of all applications and websites that send Facebook information about their activity and delete this information from their account if necessary.

Regarding how the new feature works, Facebook has created an example of a clothing website where Facebook ads are shown to people interested in this new type of shoe so that information is sent from websites to the web and apps, sharing information with Facebook indicates that someone has viewed the shoes on One of the devices. If the device information matches the person's Facebook account, the social network will display ads on these shoes.

This feature (Activity Off Facebook) allows users to view and control shared data with other Facebook applications and sites. Users can delete this information and stay away from Facebook. This can also prevent Facebook from accessing its activities outside the "all activities" network.

Note that this feature has been available in the following three countries in recent months: Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. Thanks to that, Facebook - if the user deleted their activities outside of Facebook - deleted all of their information from the data sent to Facebook by the app and website, which indicates that the site is no longer known. Who visited or edited it and does not use any data stored by the user to place ads on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger on Facebook and thus remove it from Facebook.

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