Free WordPress plugin to protect your website from cyberattacks
Free WordPress plugin to protect your website from cyberattacks

WordPress is the most popular content management system for websites. Currently, 35% of websites use WordPress, but while it is widely used, there are disadvantages to websites that use WordPress because the growing vulnerability is targeting a large number of hackers. This naturally leads to a greater stake against hackers.

Today we're going to review an important new feature of WordPress plugin, Wordfence, which specifically protects websites with WordPress from hackers and blocks suspicious IP addresses.

Wordfence is an attachment (firewall) that belongs to the Endpoint category because it differs from the cloud firewall because it does not work as an external protection between visitors and your site, but it works inside your site and uses a hosted server. In this way an additional protective layer is provided. To avoid security violations and prevent malware from accessing your website, it is generally recommended to use both types of firewalls to increase security.

According to official website stats, adding Wordfence over the past 30 days has helped prevent more than 3 billion electronic attacks on WordPress sites, and in the same period has blocked more than 65,000 suspicious IP addresses.

There is a free version of the plugin that you can download directly from Wordfence Word Search in the (Plugins) section of the WordPress control panel on your website. Then install and activate the plugin.

After activating add-ons, you can perform a full site scan to find and remove all harmful files, as well as many basic and advanced settings that can be customized and customized as needed.

These settings include mechanisms to prevent password guess attacks, set email addresses to receive alerts, and set conditions for these messages to be sent to you based on their severity or severity. Another factor.

Additionally, the settings for this add-on provide the option to reduce server resource consumption during regular site checks, as this option allows you to reduce server resource consumption during the extended session. This helps avoid slow site loading during regular checks.

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