Fortnite now supports a 120fps refresh rate on iPad Pro 2018
Fortnite now supports a 120fps refresh rate on iPad Pro 2018

Epic has started promoting new updates to the iOS version of Fortnite which will support device users with an update rate of 120 fps.

IPad Pro 2018 users can now take advantage of the latest Fortnite Epic updates, as this version supports a 120fps frame rate, which is a feature available on iPad Pro 2018.

According to the MacRumors report, when 120 fps is selected, the graphics settings are automatically converted to intermediate selection. It is one of the commonly used programs in competitive internet games. Professional players usually choose a medium with a higher graphics refresh rate. Settings.

The 120fps refresh rate gives iPad Pro users the opportunity to measure themselves against game users on their computers in 2018, especially if iPad Pro is the only device users can compete in games for.

In addition, the iPad Pro version should now be able to compete more effectively with other gaming platforms, as the Fortnite version of the game on the switch supports 30 fps and the image refresh rate on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is 60 fps Just.

Fortnite game update on iOS is said to provide support for cursor buttons in iOS 13 or above.

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