Subaru plans to only sell electric cars by 2030
Subaru plans to only sell electric cars by 2030

Several automakers will split part of the company's electric car production, and Subaru has announced plans to switch to electric cars by 2030.

Japanese Subaru Corporation today confirmed rumors that the company has completely switched to producing electric cars for quite some time now, as the company announced in a new version that it will stop producing subsidiary cars within 15 years.

Today's Subaru announcement is the result of new strict regulations and laws affirming high fuel emissions worldwide, which are particularly high in China and the European Union.

The company intends to gradually shift to the production of electric cars in the coming years. Two new electric cars are being developed in cooperation with Toyota, owner of the Subaru 8.7, and it will be officially launched in 2020.

Subaru hybrid production is expected to reach 40% of the company's annual global production by 2030, and the company is expected to invest to support the compatibility of Toyota's electric car technology in Subaru cars.

A Subaru spokesman said that despite Toyota's technology being used in its hybrid cars, Subaru is still working on cars that clearly express the Subaru brand.

Onuki Tetsuo also emphasized that the company's decision to make this conversion depended not only on the desire to reduce carbon emissions, but also on the desire to ensure safety standards in the company's manufacturing.

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