Global IT spending will reach $ 3.9 trillion in 2020
Global IT spending will reach $ 3.9 trillion in 2020

According to the recent announcement by market research firm Gartner Research, Gartner Research estimates that global IT spending will reach approximately $ 3.9 trillion in 2020, an increase of approximately 3.4% over the previous year compared to 2019, and that these global technology expenditures will cross Information barriers for the next year. It reached 4 trillion dollars.

"Despite political concerns driving the global economy into recession, this did not happen in 2019, and it should happen in 2020 or later. It seems that this position is not the same as today," said John David Lovelock, Vice President of Gartner. With global attention decreasing, companies have shown greater willingness to double their investment in information technology, despite continued spending habits, especially in the hope of achieving higher returns.

The software market is expected to achieve the highest growth rate this year as the ten-year growth rate is expected to be around 10.5%. Lovelock added: “Almost all market segments, including enterprise software, have been affected by the increasing demand for software products as a service and we plan to continue growing. Although we will spend on other, albeit slower, forms of non-cloud software dominated by products Software as a service.

Projections indicate that business spending on cloud-based IT services products will grow faster than traditional "non-cloud" technology services products by 2022, and it appears that much of the technology spending will be spent on certified cloud services. The emergence of institutions shows that the next generation of challenges will change existing business methods.

“We faced complex challenges in the last quarter, as companies faced a difficult problem that required both low costs and reduced investment in development and environments,” David added. Example. Since companies can achieve better return on investment in cloud computing, they can reduce costs and increase flexibility and innovation while providing better protection, and this investment trend appears to be served in the short term.

The rise in the dollar has led to a decrease in global spending on IT products for data center equipment and equipment in the affected countries.

Lovelock said: “Given the higher US dollar and the higher domestic average selling price, mobile phone spending in Japan is expected to decrease this year. The UK market is expected to spend on computers, printers, server systems and external storage systems.%.

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