Smartphones are heading towards new, promising cheap devices
Smartphones are heading towards new, promising cheap devices

It has been almost 13 years since Apple laid the groundwork for modern smartphones with the original iPhone released in 2007, but it would be unrealistic to say that smartphones have made great strides since then, despite the original iPhone. Basically iPod. Touch cellular, but nowadays mobile devices have become high-speed laptops equipped with professional cameras.

Perhaps the most exciting change in the smartphone industry that occurred this year has nothing to do with improving performance, folding or folding the screen, or improving camera accuracy, but the idea of ​​a high-quality phone with features such as face detection and screens without borders. It will not reach a thousand dollars.

After a few years with high-end smartphones, 2020 could be the year of cheaper smartphones because the product provides advanced features at affordable prices and there seem to be newer devices ahead of Apple. And Samsung is relying on the wave of much cheaper new devices on smartphones that have been launched so far in 2020 and rumors that it will be launched in the coming months.

Cheap smartphones expected this year:

Smartphones are heading towards new, promising cheap devices

For example, Samsung released the Galaxy Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite in early January.

These phones are the cheapest versions of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. advanced smartphones, in addition to the lowest cost, these phones have almost limitless screen feature with front camera slots and the back of the triple camera. ,

TCL recently released a new Android smartphone, priced under $ 500. The TCL 10 Pro provides functionality that is not found in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, for example a fingerprint sensor on the screen. And four rear cameras.

If previously released reports and rumors are accurate, this means that cheaper smartphones will be launched in 2020, as Apple is expected to release updates for the iPhone SE, which were first released in 2016.

The iPhone SE was an inexpensive smartphone, launched by the company almost four years ago, and it was the same processor as the iPhone 6S, which was the company's latest iPhone at the time.

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone SE that looks like the iPhone 8 but uses the same processor as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

After the cost-effective Pixel 3a was released last year, Google is expected to launch a cost-effective smartphone this year. This year, the Pixel 4a is said to resemble the more expensive Pixel 4. But with some advantages. , Just like the dual lens in Pixel 4 instead of the dual lens.

Unknown smartphone manufacturers such as OnePlus and Asus have been developing high-quality smartphones for many years before they were launched on the market. These smartphones offer the same functionality as many other important Apple, Samsung and Google devices, but at a much lower price.

Smartphones become cheaper after sales drop:

Smartphones are heading towards new, promising cheap devices

The tech giant’s decision to launch a cheaper smartphone is not a coincidence, as the industry has been plagued by declining sales in the past two years and global shipping has only increased in the third quarter of 2019 after three consecutive quarters. Perhaps partly because smartphones are becoming increasingly cheaper.

Market research firm IDC cited the report in the second quarter of 2019, while smartphone shipments were still declining, but performance was better than previous quarters, and mid-range devices were greatly improved, providing unique design and functionality, but The price has dropped dramatically. About the flagship price.

A study conducted by the NPD group last month found that users may no longer be willing to pay $ 1,000 for a new smartphone, and the study found that less than 10% of consumers paid more than $ 1,000 for a new smartphone $ the new smartphone.

Research comes after the price of nearly a thousand dollars has become the only criterion for smartphones in recent years as the device has gained new features such as borderless screens, face detection, and more advanced cameras.

Apple introduced the iPhone X 2017 for $ 1,000, but older iPhones were released at a lower price because the iPhone 7 released in 2016 was available for the iPhone 650 or iPhone 7 Plus from $ 770. ,

IPhone 8 prices start at $ 700, which the company launched on the iPhone X in 2017.

Samsung has made similar changes to its pricing strategy in recent years. The price of the Galaxy S7 phone that was released in 2016 was about $ 650, and the price of the Galaxy S8 phone that was released in 2017 was about $ 70.

The Galaxy S10 phone, released last year, launched for $ 900 and the Plus model for $ 1,000. This pricing model is similar to Apple's iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models, each $ 1,000. And 1100 dollars.

Smart phone industry showing signs of change:

Smartphones are heading towards new, promising cheap devices

Although a promising wave of cheap smartphones is announced this year, it's clear that major smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google are reviewing pricing methods and expanding their product line with new devices such as Apple Inc. She described her iPhone 2019 as the cheapest iPhone. 11. As a flagship model, the more expensive version was called a Pro model.

This differs from the situation in 2018, when iPhone XR was considered a cheap alternative to the flagship iPhone XS. Samsung also launched the Galaxy S10e last year with the S10, which was about $ 150 cheaper at the time of release, while Pixel 3 was expensive a few months after the launch of the lower flagship phone.

When all of the above is taken into account, the strategic shift we've seen from companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google over the past year, as well as new phones slated to launch in 2020, also shows that we've paid for nearly a thousand dollars for smartphones New cell phones. For most people, this is an exception, not a routine.

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