Google publishes an expanded update of its search algorithm

Google publishes an expanded update of its search algorithm

Google has confirmed that it has released a comprehensive new update to its search engine algorithm, "January 2020 Base Update", which is an update from today and since Big Day, and it affects all search results all over the world.

To ensure its mission to provide reliable content to researchers is developed, the search giant changes its algorithms and search systems every year. These changes can improve the performance of some pages that were not previously appreciated.

The company stated that the instructions for this update are in line with the previous basic updates, so it is clear that the site will not be affected by the update, and confirmed that the sites did not violate the webmaster guidelines and are not subject to any restrictions related to manual or manual procedures.

This new update does not target some ranking factors, bad strategies, or certain types of websites, and webmasters cannot change or modify content if they lose rankings or website traffic. Google recommends that you focus on the content and provide the best possible delivery for ensuring the content because the algorithms look for these criteria.

Update of Google search ranking algorithms affects website appearance and ranking in search results. Knowing when Google will implement these updates will make it easier for webmasters to understand that there have been some changes since the change, or that Google made changes using its own classification algorithm.

Mobile search results appeared last year, and Google offers this new look to all computer search results. In addition to distinguishing bold ad names, domain names and brand codes are also distinguished.

The last major update was reported as an update released in September 2019 and does not seem to have any impact on SEO and webmaster optimizations as many people have indicated that there are not many updates. Impact compared to previous major updates, since Google released an update in November, it's intended for local arrangements.

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