Sony sensor

High quality video

HD 1920 x 1080 pixel surveillance camera with Sony HD CMOS sensor.

Connect each room

Excellent bidirectional sound

Built-in microphone and built-in speaker With the Smart Life app, you can see, speak and hear your loved ones even when you are not at home during the day.

M MORVELLI Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera

M MORVELLI Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera

10 high quality infrared night vision sensors

Clear night vision

10 infrared LEDs for clearer, safer images, day and night safety.

High degree applications

Smart living applications for smart homes

With this app, you can not only connect the camera, but also set up "smart home". The app supports many other home and lighting devices. With over 4000 ratings, the app has high rankings in the App Store and Play Store!

Motion detection

Automatic travel mode

Thanks to advanced algorithms, Morphelli FHD22 1080p camera can automatically detect moving objects, track their movements and capture them with motion tracking. The automatic travel mode makes it easy to scan the area horizontally.

Easy to set up

Establish a safe and reliable connection to the camera

The camera is equipped with an UL certified, explosion-proof power supply unit, which is a non-medical aluminum epoxy powder coating. You don't have to worry about voltage drop and overload current

M MORVELLI Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera
M MORVELLI Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera

M MORVELLI Full HD WiFi Home Security Camera Technical index

  • Equipped with Sony SENSOR sensor, true IR Full HD 1080P night vision device and true 1080P Full HD 2.0 HD HD camera, you can take better pictures with high quality SONY optics, auto white balance and gallery. Clear and clear night vision, automatic infrared key. The 355 x 155 ° Fryer / Tilt angle covers all corners of your room.
  • Convenient settings with the best rating app (30K five-star rating), and quick Wi-Fi settings with the advanced Smart Life mobile app on iPhone or Android smartphones (5GHz not supported). Wireless surveillance cameras support remote access through mobile apps from anywhere. This surveillance camera has a micro SD card slot (8-64GB). Supports only 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi. YouTube video link []
  • After installing multiple MORVELLI cameras in your home, you can use a dense storage space for all-round protection at home - you always know what happened and where it happened! Thanks to the integrated alarms for highly sensitive activity alarm technology, the alarms are sent to your device once a moving object is detected. The information transfer channel contains advanced encryption technology to prevent piracy! The camera supports cloud storage and can be recorded with motion sensors.
  • ALEXA ECHO and OS Support: iOS, Android, Tablet and iPad MORVELLI can be used with Alexa Echo! Let Alex tell you what you want! You can even watch live video on a security camera without using a smartphone or tablet. Then you can do something else. A 110V continuous power supply is required for the camera to function properly.

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