Instagram competitor Tik Tok with new boomerang effects
Instagram competitor Tik Tok with new boomerang effects

Instagram announced that about five years after the launch of the Boomerang video production feature, it added many new effects to the video production function as Instagram tries to compete with the Chinese video app TikTok which directly challenges its dominant position.

With this feature, the editing options have been greatly updated, so users around the world can now add SlowMo, Echo and Duo effects and limit their duration. It is one of the most popular video creation tools on mobile devices. One of the biggest updates so far.

Thanks to the new SlowMo, Echo, and Duo effects, which help catch people's attention back and restore fame to mutations, the new effect can help keep Instagram as an interesting app like this for many viewers, the boomerang function has been rendered.

This is very important for Facebook video and photo sharing platforms as it tries to compete with TikTok apps with many special effects.

A spokesperson for this Facebook company said that from today, people can use the new SloMo, Echo and Duo formats in Boomerang functionality. With Instagram Camera, you can easily express yourself and share your actions. With friends, thinking or feeling.

He added: "Boomerang is one of the most popular camera features for users. We are excited to expand our creative approach so that Boomerang can transform everyday moments into fun and unexpected things."

You can find a new boomerang tool if you swipe Instagram to open up the story author. Then swipe left using the camera button selector at the bottom of the screen to see additional effects and editors. Video allows users to change the length of Boomerang videos and specify start or end time.

Boomerang records a silent video for one second and then plays it back and forth three times to create a 6-second video that can be shared or downloaded as a video.

As the name implies, the SlowMo effect slows the speed of a Boomerang video to half its original speed, while Echo adds a hazy effect that drives everything, and Duo moves the video back and forth with digital effects that make the video accelerate.

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