Will Canada transfer Huawei's chief financial officer to the United States?
Will Canada transfer Huawei's chief financial officer to the United States?

The Canadian Ministry of Justice has announced that the Huawei manager who was arrested in Vancouver can be extradited to the United States, according to documents released on Friday, because her crimes were committed in both countries.

The daughter of the CFO and founder of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, was detained at the request of the United States in late 2018. The session will be held in Vancouver on January 20 and is expected to last five days.

The United States accused Meng Ming of lying and misleading Huawei in Iran. HSBC violated the sanctions on Iran and was charged with fraud and deception by the bank to persuade Huawei to continue providing banking services.

However, Meng's lawyer claimed that she could not be extradited to the United States because her crime must meet double crime standards, which means that both countries are criminals. They said: Violating US sanctions against Iran in Canada is not a crime and Canada has not been punished. The leaders targeted Iran during their arrest.

But documents filed in Vancouver on Friday clarify that the Attorney General of Canada has said that most of his bank business is a fraud, which is a crime in this country.

According to Canadian prosecutors, Huawei CEO behavior under Canadian law amounts to bank fraud.

The first week of Meng's handover hearing will focus on dual crimes. Meng, who was under house arrest in his Vancouver home, denied the US allegations and said that the Canadian authorities violated his rights during his detention.

She was arrested at Vancouver Airport in December 2018, resulting in an unprecedented diplomatic dispute between Canada and China requesting her release. China arrested him just nine days after he was charged with espionage against former Canadian diplomat Michael Cofreg and businessman Michael Spavor, who are still being held hostage. Chinese detention.

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