It is the largest 3D printed house in the world
It is the largest 3D printed house in the world

SQ4D is a subsidiary of the American S-Squared 3D or SQ3D printer and has completed construction of a new building said to be the world's largest 3D printing press. Although many people search for different addresses, the size of the building should be huge and cover an area of ​​175 square meters.

The most impressive thing is that the 3D printing house took 48 days to print in eight days, and the house was completely printed and manufactured on site, using materials valued at less than $ 6000.

3D printing houses are designed with ARCS technology, which is developed for 3D printing applications.

SQ3D is headquartered on Long Island, the manufacturer of 3D printers, and SQ4D was launched in 2019. The company itself has set a goal to revolutionize the housing and construction industry through 3D printing. Especially ARCS technology.

SQ4D self-building system technology for robots was introduced in 2018 and managed to build houses, roads, bridges and commercial buildings. ARCS 3D Professional can surpass traditional design methods by reducing time and costs. 70%.

SQ4D explained that the system can reduce the work involved in building a house for less than 3 people and eliminate the need for more than 20 labor-intensive manual labor processes, which helps reduce construction time. These buildings are 3D printed, mold and fire resistant and designed for harsh environmental conditions.

The company has already used ARCS to build 500 square foot homes in less than 12 hours of printing. After completing construction of the larger houses with an area of ​​1900 square feet, SQ4D explained that as a result of the improvements, half of the future is expected, and half of the ARCS system components reach half of the printing time for home users.

3D printed homes are growing in importance in size and scope. A printed two-storey building at a height of 9.5 meters and a total area of ​​640 square meters was discovered in Dubai.

The building was developed by Apis Cor in cooperation with the University of Nantes for 3D construction. The building has been tested for a year and meets all required construction standards. This is the Guinness World Record for the on-site 3D print structure.

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