Google turns iPhone into a security key for two-factor authentication
Google turns iPhone into a security key for two-factor authentication

Google has updated its application called Smart Lock (for iOS), which allows iPhone to replace the actual security key, so that users can now use most modern iPhone devices as security keys for Google applications. ,

Previously, the search giant announced that all Android devices running Android 7 or later could be used as two-factor authentication devices to connect to Gmail, Google Drive and other Google services.

Nowadays, most users are familiar with the 2FA 2-step confirmation function via SMS code. However, this method is generally unsafe and it is recommended to choose a safer alternative, for example B. Physical security connection for a phone or computer. A key to verify credentials. in service.

Smart Lock app update instructions say: With this new update, you can now set the built-in security key on your phone. This is the best two-factor authentication factor for your Google account.

In addition to your username and password, two-factor authentication provides another level of security. This way, you can make sure that you are the account holder without using two-way authentication. SMS operators when connecting to Google services from your iPhone.

The new process is similar to the current functionality of Google Prompt, but the main difference is that the Smart Lock app works over Bluetooth and does not make Internet calls. This means that the phone must be relatively close to the laptop, however, for authentication to work, it provides another level of security. , The application itself does not require biometric authentication.

According to Google, the new functionality uses the Secure Enclave pocket for the iPhone processor, where the device keys are stored securely. This is Apple's first feature in the iPhone 5S. Google Apps says: iOS 10 or above is required.

It is reported that this feature only works if the Chrome web browser is connected to Google services and Bluetooth is required on the computer and phone when the device calls locally to request confirmation and confirmation.

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