Lenovo launches the first fifth-generation personal computer in the world
Lenovo launches the first fifth-generation personal computer in the world

Lenovo participated in the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES) and presented its revolutionary and unique innovations that will change daily life, contribute to the development of the industry and provide opportunities and opportunities for the Internet era of rapid exchange. New opportunities.

5G technology can continue to make a qualitative change in technology, enabling the creation of smart cities and the development of innovative infrastructure and Internet of Things technologies. As a result, Lenovo introduced the world's first 5G technology, and for the first time, 5G communication technology for computers. , Is no longer limited to smartphone technology.

The Yoga 5G is a tablet and laptop because it is small and practical, which is suitable for mobility, and the first personal computer equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon® is 8cx 5G. This device provides the fifth generation at high speed. The speed of the network connection is about ten times the speed of the fourth generation network. In line with 5G telecom providers relying on efficient Wi-Fi at home, the Lenovo Yoga 5G will be launched in the spring of 2020. The price starts from $ 1,499

Innovative foldable design

Lenovo is a leader in launching innovative designs and has successfully changed the design of laptops with the launch of ThinkPad X1 Fold, the world's first foldable PC.

Thanks to his unusual engineering skills and talents, and by using customer opinions and feedback when redesigning the traditional laptop design, the new and innovative ThinkPad X1 Fold is designed, with a mixture of light metal and carbon fibers covered with an elegant leather shell.

Thanks to the durability and effectiveness of the ThinkPad brand, the X1 Fold is an all-in-one laptop with a 13.3-inch foldable OLED screen weighing no more than 2.2 pounds per kilogram.

The X1 Fold is an innovative product that reflects Lenovo's strong commitment to shaping the future of foldable devices, including the new Motorola Shaver, which perfectly fits the needs of users as they can easily switch from folded to full screen mode, and the X1 Fold will be available in mid-2020 at prices Starting at $ 2499

Explain personal productivity

With the use of laptops and smartphones and the increasing convergence of multi-tasking staff in the future and the use of multiple devices, Lenovo ThinkBook Plus, a laptop with innovative electronic ink for screen technology, has been launched to improve efficiency and business focus.

You can use this screen to design illustrations while taking notes using an electronic stylus. You will also receive basic notifications when the cap is closed. The device is a new laptop with innovative features that allow users to improve the efficiency of multitasking.

ThinkBook Plus will be available in March 2020 for $ 1,199.

Simple travel design

The new Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook is specially developed for the browser. You can browse the latest applications, follow the latest entertainment programs, or work anytime, anywhere. It is one of the world's thinnest and lightest Chromebooks with a 10-hour battery life.

The optional USI Stylus 5 features a clear design for easy writing, fast blogging and fast drawing without delay. It is a removable 2-in-1 device which, thanks to its compact size, ensures ease of movement and simplifies the design.

IdeaPad Duet Chromebook will be available in May 2020 for $ 279.99.

Smart home improvement

After the success of the Lenovo Smart Clock and Lenovo Smart Display, Lenovo introduced the expertise of smart devices with the introduction of the Lenovo Smart Frame to enter a new category.

The Smart Frame has a polished screen with a matte cover and an anti-glare layer that allows you to view and display images in all lighting conditions at any time of the day. The color sensor adjusts the brightness of the image to the lighting conditions in the room in order to provide a more beautiful visual experience, making it an ideal background for every room in the home. To rediscover and share old photos from travel adventures, you can play with many manual gestures or continue or stop reading photos or videos.

Lenovo Smart Frame will be available in August 2020 for $ 399

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