OnePlus officially announces its phone that hides the rear cameras
OnePlus officially announces its phone that hides the rear cameras

OnePlus today officially announced its new smart model, which provides certain advantages, and the company is trying to show its innovative capacity in the smart phone market.

In the past, OnePlus Concept One was reported to have had the advantage of hiding the camera with the help of glass that could become transparent or opaque with the press of a button. The device also has an orange leather back cover and a McLaren-inspired stitching. The tempered glass function is also inspired by McLaren's sun protection.

As for the reason behind this job, the Chinese company said at an event organized at CES 2020 Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas: The technology aims to make purchases using 4 or 5 rear cameras. The smartphone has become acceptable in practice.

In addition to being transparent and opaque, the phone can also be transparent. He says this glass has the thinnest and fastest electrically stained glass, it is only 0.35mm thick and can switch from transparent to opaque in less than 0.7 seconds.

Regarding the mechanism of making electrically stained glass, the company stated that it has two layers of glass and two conducting currents, and that there is a real electromechanical layer between them.

It is worth noting that OnePlus did not mention the model's launch date as the final product on the market during the event.

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