Logitech G announces Logitech G PRO Mouse GHOST
Logitech G announces Logitech G PRO Mouse GHOST

Logitech G has announced the launch of the new GHOST Mouse, a limited white version of the popular Logitech G PRO wireless mouse series. Starting January 24, the new Limited GHOST Mouse will be available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for $ 149.99. You will definitely get a copy from the popular online shopping website.

And if you want to know why a limited edition mouse is online for this price, you can say that this mouse is not only one of the exceptional products of well-known Logitech, but also known for the quality of its products. A product donated to organizations around the world that can help millions of people with disabilities around the world. The Adaptive Game Suite-AbleGamers, the Mount Sinai Capacity Research Center and the Speciality Effect are contributing companies that produce the Logitech G Adaptive Game Suite, which was launched last November to provide people with an experience of adaptive gaming tools and tools.

Logitech G Adaptive Gamer Games Collection

These tools can also be used with the Adaptive Xbox's Adaptive Controller tool on Microsoft Xbox to make Logitech G Adaptive Gamers the most convenient way for players by providing easy-to-configure commands for a number of special use cases. Play games. "Our goal is to provide players with special needs with fun and tolerance in life, which will surely have a positive impact on players all over the world," said a spokesman for Logitech Technology. Help us by purchasing a limited edition mouse today. These three major charities. To receive emails about limited editions in the future, click here to register. "

If you really want to buy a new mouse or mouse for your computer, buying this mouse is completely safe. He definitely takes advantage of his technical capabilities and provides you with a high-quality experience like other Logitech products. But in this case, I also donate to charities that can make people with disabilities smile.

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