SteelSeries offers Rival 3 and Apex 5 / Apex 3 mouse readers
SteelSeries offers Rival 3 and Apex 5 / Apex 3 mouse readers

Everything that professionals need and the capabilities of their computers are professionally manufactured. SteelSeries is one of the companies that players value the manufacturing quality. Today's new products are Rival Mouse 3, the professional keyboard Apex 3. and Apex 5. With these new products, SteelSeries wants to bring innovation and performance for most of its premium products to a wide range of actors.

The Rival 3 gaming mouse features exceptionally smart RGB lighting and new sensors based on improved performance and unsurpassed durability. The integrated gaming mouse and modern technology provide gamers with the best gaming experience at a reasonable price, to distinguish themselves from the public.

SteelSeries offers Rival 3 and Apex 5 / Apex 3 mouse readers

Rival 3 is made from a very durable polymer material and weighs only 77 grams. It is appreciated by the players. Some peripheral manufacturers use traditional mouse sensors. New optical sensor for mice. Competitor 3. The TrueMove Core 8 500 CPI optical sensor is designed to display accurate performance with 1: 1 tracking so that the actions performed with the mouse are recorded on the screen in high definition.

Rival 3 also contains up to 60 million single click tolerance buttons and built-in memory to maintain the fully adjustable CPI sensitivity level in SteelSeries. The Rival Mouse 3 now costs $ 30.

On the other hand, we have the Apex 3, a waterproof keyboard built with the latest technology from the latest SteelSeries, 10-point RGB lighting, quiet game buttons, and anti-ghost support. The Apex 3 keyboard is water resistant as it is IP32 standard. This helps to prevent oil spills that often occur during a game and harm us. The keyboard also uses the new SteelSeries low-friction key, which can be used almost silently with over 20 million clicks and has unparalleled durability and great durability.

In addition, the Apex 3 keyboard is equipped with a high-quality magnetic palm rest, dedicated multimedia buttons and clickable metal scroll wheels, as well as a three-way cable rotation system under the keyboard for simple cable management. Anti-ghost support ensures that the keyboard always records each click correctly, so that the player can play better and more accurately. The keyboard cost now $ 50.

SteelSeries offers Rival 3 and Apex 5 / Apex 3 mouse readers

The Hybrid keyboard with the Apex 5 keyboard combines the softness of membranes keys, excellent durability and performance, as well as a satisfying blue mechanical flick, and combines the best aspects of membrane keys and mechanical keys to provide all gamers with a gaming experience. Satisfying.

Like previous consoles, the Apex 5 keyboard is equipped with a high-quality aluminum palm rest, smart OLED display, multimedia controls and tuning wheel to increase and decrease the volume, and each switch can adjust RGB lighting. Users can use the specified GIF to customize the OLED screen, instantly view information from players like CS: GO and Dota2, or view song information about TIDAL, mismatched received messages, settings, etc. Apex 5 now costs $ 100.

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