MarsCat the smart electronic cat in the form of a home robot
MarsCat the smart electronic cat in the form of a home robot

MarsCat is the world's first cat-shaped pet developed by Elephant Robotics. It is a Singapore based company that specializes in the development and production of robots. Your goal is to bring you like a real cat. Comfortable and fun household robot.

MarsCat is a completely independent electronic cat that also interacts with the software easily. This makes her a perfect companion for the most sex possible, and the cat responds perfectly so she can touch and hear, and when he gets a chin massage ring, she sees your face and plays, walks, runs, sleeps and sits.

The eyes, body, and personality of each MarsCat change according to how they handle it. So it is about every cat. Each cat contains 6 different characters that can be changed. As with MarsCat's behavior, Elephant Robotics seeks to preserve many cats.

The cat's nose is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera. In addition to the built-in microphone that detects noise and the amplifiers that can play the noise, it can see everything around you and its sixteen engines make it work. Move it and give it a vivid look to the OLED eye.

Distance sensors can detect objects, while six capacitive touch sensors allow cats to use their feet, touch them, and interact with you and the things surrounding them.

The company stated that users who interact with cats will have a battery life of about two to three hours. Using MarsCat alone can extend battery life and increase battery life up to five hours.

Elephant Robotics says: Your interaction with MarsCat will affect the character. So if you chat frequently with MarsCat, the response will usually increase. The company also announced that MarsCat can recognize about 20 different keywords.

Joy Song, CEO of Elephant Robotics, said that a cat can easily recognize different commands for the same purpose and that different people can use these commands to express themselves, and if you want to change their behavior on your own, you can use Raspberry Pi Die platformer programs that practice actions.

Mechanical chat is controlled by Raspberry Pi 3 and uses an open source platform so that users with sufficient programming knowledge can easily MarsCat programming, which means that users can program new programs. Chat behavior, unlimited possibilities.

MarsCat is currently available in four colors. If you are interested in doing this, all you have to do is support the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. So, the top 100 supporters cost $ 649 per chat at the start of official sales, and the company estimates that MarsCat will be the first to support $ 1,299 per cat in March 2020.

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