Maxtop T9 Smart Watch Review
Maxtop T9 Smart Watch

Fitness Assistant (good gift for family and friends)
  • Smart watches can track your body data: heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, calories, steps and workout experience.
  •  In addition, smart watch reminders: message reminders, call reminders, sedentary reminders, alarms.
  • The gift of this smart watch to your family and friends is to give them health.
Smart office clock
  • As we all know, constant checking of messages and answering calls at work can have a huge impact on productivity.
  • This smart watch has the functions of message reminder, call reminder and logout. You can easily view the message and call, which saves more working time.
Connected fitness watch
  • Sometimes you will continue to exercise, but you do not know the specific changes in your body.
  • This smart watch can track how calories burn and how your heart rate changes. It can track your heart rate throughout the day and notify you when your heart rate is too high.
Smart watch for sleep
  • Good sleep can keep you active the next day, and getting enough sleep is also important for your health
  • With this smart watch, you can check the number of hours you slept last night, the number of hours you slept deeply, the number of hours you were sleeping gently, and when you wake up, and you can adjust your sleep accordingly.
Turn on the smart watch
  • Running is a sport that most people enjoy. You can breathe fresh air outside and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.
  • The smartwatch can complete your journey: it shows you how many steps you took.
The smart watch is out
  • During outdoor activities (like biking) sometimes you need a GPS to track your movements so you can know the distance you have traveled
  •  With this smart watch, you can use your phone's GPS in the app and view your route in the app.
Maxtop Smart Watch Review
Maxtop T9 Smart Watch

An interesting smartwatch
  • When we play outdoors as cell phones increase in size, we often take selfies with cell phones. If we want to use a rear view camera, it is difficult to take good photos with one hand.
  • With this smart watch, all you have to do is start the camera through the app, pause the handshake with the smart watch, and you can take great photos.
Maxtop T9 Smart Watch Specs
  • More stable chip: This Android and iPhone compatible smartwatch uses the Nordic 52832 chip, which is one of the most stable chipsets on the market, which enables the smart watch to capture accurate data and last longer.
  • Big Screen: This Android smart watch uses a 1.28 inch IPS touch screen, giving you a more comfortable and detailed display, and it can adjust the screen brightness and brightness.
  • Practical Function: It is also iPhone compatible smart watch, it has a heart rate monitor, music converter, sleep screen, pedometer, calories, you can also set call reminders, message reminder, alarm clock, stable reminders, remote cameras, etc.
  • Fast and convenient loading: Simple and easy to use magnetic loading structure without the need to pull the tape. The Android Smart Watch takes only 1.5 hours to charge, and it can work 2-3 days, in standby mode 5-7 days.
  • Additional services: We have equipped two smart watch charging cables so that you can charge at home and in the office at any time and put two belts in the box. You can exchange it yourself.

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