Samsung Monitor Review
Samsung S22R350FHN SR35

Providing budget and quality related screens. Samsung S22R350FHN SR350 Series desktop monitors provide Full HD resolution with a slim bezel. Very suitable for almost dual liquid screen settings. IPS panel technology ensures vibrant colors and a 178 ° viewing angle for improved collaboration. All team members can also watch the screen from the outside corner without washing the paint. SR350 Series provides HDMI and VGA connections. They are perfect monitors to perform normal tasks well.

Display mode
Simplified design and comprehensive complexity. The exquisite craftsmanship makes the flat panel display that takes flat panel screen completely different from others. The three-sided display and ultra-slim bezel give Y a simple look. In the configuration of the two screens, there is almost no difference in the orientation of the screen.

Everything is working fine without delay
Excellent entertainment experience. AMD Radeon FreeSync synchronizes the screen refresh rate and graphics card to reduce image tear and freeze. Watch movies and play games non-stop. Even the quick scenes are clear and flexible.

More game skills

Perfect game settings give you an edge right away. Get perfect color and image contrast settings to see the scene more clearly and identify enemies hidden in the dark. Game mode can specify the game that fills the screen with all the detailed program information.

Move with the wind
Now all sports are perfect. 75Hz refresh rate provides more flexible images. Whether you are watching your favorite TV series, watching videos, or playing games, you can easily enjoy entertainment without any delay or subtle effects.
Samsung Monitor Review
Samsung S22R350FHN SR35

Focus on comfort
Protect your eyes and do more. Advanced eye comfort technology can reduce eye strain and increase computing power more comfortably. Flicker-free technology constantly eliminates annoying flickering from the screen, while Eye Protection mode reduces blue light emitted. Hold your eyes for longer.

Real ingenuity
Call more. Thanks to HDMI and D-Sub connections, multiple devices can be connected directly to the monitor for maximum flexibility. Your IT environment is now more compatible with other input functions.

Samsung S22R350FHN SR35 Monitor Specs
  • 21. 1920 x 1080 IPS FULL HD Monitor with 75Hz refresh rate can deliver amazingly clear pictures with wide viewing angle
  • A very slim design stands out at every table. The screen has a tilt bracket and support for 75x75 VESA allows you to mount the monitor to the wall or use a multi-screen setup
  • Flexible connectivity options, including traditional HDMI and VGA
  • Eye protection technology and anti-flicker technology reduce eye strain and ensure a more comfortable work experience, even when working for long hours.
  • Annual business, the ability to purchase an extended warranty

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