Mercedes launches a futuristic model inspired by the movie "Avatar"
Mercedes launches a futuristic model inspired by the movie "Avatar"

Mercedes-Benz announced on Tuesday that the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, is a new model with a unique design.

The German automaker said at the event that the design of the car was inspired by the famous science fiction movie (Avatar) from 2009 until it cooperated with director (James Cameron). Mercedes Benz Vision Symbol) - Mercedes Vision AVTR.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR has a thickness gauge that has 33 scales called "wings" by the company and indicates that it should be used to communicate with people around the vehicle. The car also features spherical wheels that can be moved forward, backward, sideways, even diagonally or diagonally. She is inspired by the seeds of "The Tree of Soul" in the Incarnation movie with a unique lamp.

Like the usual car models presented, Vision AVTR wants to discover the driving experience of a future car. Although the interior of the car is relatively small because the car is independent, Mercedes-Benz has proposed new ideas, including the lack of a steering wheel, but the driver can control the car via an elliptical control that rises from the center of the main system and is in the driver's hands . For companies, it vibrates depending on the driver's breathing rate and heart rate. There is a large control screen on the front platform that shows the Pandora cat scene in the movie avatar.

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