Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020
Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020

Audi once again introduced its attractive products, including future prototypes and standard technologies in production chains, at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020, setting standards for future digital experiences for premium brands. The Consumer Electronics Show is the consumer electronics field and is one of the largest trade fairs to be held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, 2020, and it provides a future view.

Open the door and sit in your seat, away from the pressure of driving in the city streets

The fully automatic Audi AI that meets the needs of users: ME is the "third living space" for our homes and workplaces. For example, travelers who use eye trackers can communicate with cars and ask them to buy their favorite foods. You can also benefit from the AI ​​experience, which is a great feature: ME, since the car is equipped with a realistic headphone that allows passengers to take a virtual trip to the scenic mountainous landscape.

This technology can set the standard content in real-time vehicle movement, so travelers can completely relax and unwind their stressful daily life. Then they can return to reality when they reach the goal and fulfill their personal desires in the time of artificial intelligence: I want the meal per hour. For user-vehicle navigation data, journalists can test the prototypes of interactive travel partners as part of independent driving at CES 2020.

Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020
Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020

Audi Smart Experience: a car that interacts with the driver

Audi Smart Experience shows how this happens because the car can recognize users and habits and use its smart functions in conjunction with artificial intelligence to improve safety, luxury and comfort for passengers. Navigation systems for self-learning have been integrated into the existing MMI system, thus reducing costs. The preferred destination, it links the date, time and traffic status, and the proposed route is derived from this data.

In the future, the vehicle will analyze user-preferred functions and parameters in a very short time, from seat position to multimedia guidelines, orientation and temperature to interior odor quality. During this time, the car will know the user's preferences, drive them automatically and adapt to the user's desires. By observing the user's driving style and important functions, they can be adapted to the needs of the user, and the status of the user and visitors participating at CES 2020 can discover the basic functions of the Audi IQ experience via the prototype.

Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020
Audi offers attractive products at CES International 2020

Two innovative screens: visualize and visualize the room as required

The navigation system arrow (which exactly indicates the path you should actually take) was created at Expo 2020 thanks to the use of a 3D screen on the windshield with virtual reality technology and Audi reality, this news was developed in cooperation with Samsung Technology Imagine. CES Gallery.

This technology is similar to 3D TV, where two scenes are created for each image, one pixel is created for the left eye and one pixel is created for the right eye and the image is displayed on the screen - the driver's breeze is 8 up to 10 meters and the horizon line can be increased to more than 70 Meters thanks to smart action. This provides a major advantage in the eyes of a driver accustomed to the far field of view. Therefore, it is not necessary to focus on telephoto.

Another transparent screen on demand is another feature: it is 15 cm high and 122 cm wide and is part of the dashboard. The screen consists of two layers, a transparent OLED screen and a black layer with a unique dark black shade. The advantage of this screen is that the parts that do not display any data remain transparent and give an impression of the glass parts, allowing unobstructed flow. Clear view of the street.

The future of the car means 100% electric cars connected with smart technology

The current Audi models offer the best connectivity, the new third-generation multimedia and entertainment system or MIB 3 is the cornerstone and its main processor runs ten times faster than the second-generation processor, for example when route planning and traffic expectations are significant improvement. At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Audi also showcases the latest innovations in lighting technology to prevent drivers from receiving a special kind of lighting when they get tired. For example, light blue light has a stimulating and stimulating effect, and the Audi project explained that "focused lighting" is an example of a human being. "How are you? You think the lights are focused." About flying passengers and strengthens their memory.

At CES, the Audi cabin innovation spectrum lies between the future of Audi AI: ME and the Audi Q4 electronic model, which is about to move to a 12.3-inch touch screen production line. Audi e-tron Sportback 26.0-21.9 kWh / 100 km. The standard test "22.7-20.6 New European Driving Cycle - Total CO2 Emission: 0 g / km", LED headlights with digital array, will be available in spring 2020.

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