Microsoft and Samsung are working to restore the wireless connection
Microsoft and Samsung are working to restore the wireless connection

Samsung introduced the very durable Galaxy XCover Pro, a smartphone with a push-to-talk button that you can use to chat with the Microsoft Teams app. Microsoft and Samsung are restoring wireless connectivity.

It is a joint effort of two tech giants to make mobile technology more popular with employees navigating the corridors of hospitals, supermarkets and aircraft cabins day and night.

Samsung is the second largest smartphone provider in the United States after Apple, and Samsung has strengthened its leadership position with corporate functions such as security and identity management.

Although Microsoft has largely abandoned the phone and its smartphone operating system, the company is still a player in the mobile space thanks to the cloud-based Office 365 suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and teams.

Microsoft announced last week an opportunity to exchange and chat with teams to pave the way for working with Samsung. Microsoft said: It will be open to some customers in the first half of this year and focuses on the Android system.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, said at the end of the third quarter, that the company's Office 365 business package has 200 million monthly active users and that the company has invested heavily in developing and marketing software competitor Slack The Wire-Team.

Emma Williams, Microsoft's vice president of office products, said the company is trying to provide users with useful features for team applications compared to many of the consumer applications used in team applications. Provide a safe tool to chat with your colleagues.

It also reduces the number of devices people have to carry, Williams said, as she saw a man holding a home phone, a work phone and a wireless device in his hand while shopping at a retail store on vacation Galaxy XCover Pro extends the reach of traditional online communications and reduces the availability of licenses And costs.

In 2017, Microsoft announced a suite of office suites and other products for front-line workers in the services sector, and announced a new foldable smartphone running on Android in the second half of the year. Year, but this time it prefers the company to launch a new service from Samsung

You can start a conversation immediately with the "Press to Talk" button on the Galaxy XCover Pro phone. If the other participant does not have the device, there is a button in the team app that you can use to start the conversation. Samsung says: It is equipped with physical buttons so that it can be customized, which means that you don't have to use them in teams apps.

Microsoft is reported to have announced in August that the Korean giant Samsung will benefit from new integration with Microsoft services such as Outlook.

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