Microsoft announces an ambitious climate protection initiative
Microsoft announces an ambitious climate protection initiative

Microsoft announced today (Thursday) its goal of emitting more carbon from the atmosphere from its facilities by 2030, and hopes that by 2050 it will be able to remove all carbon. It has been produced since its inception.

Regardless of the commitment of other companies to reduce current emissions or prevent future emissions, it is believed that focusing on removing carbon from the air can make Microsoft climate goals unique.

Speaking at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft CEO (Satya Nadella) said the company needs to develop cost-effective solutions to human and planetary problems. He added: "If we learn anything in the past decade, technology built without these principles will do more harm than good." He continued: "We have to start offsetting the harmful effects of climate change." If global temperatures continue to rise, the results will not decrease.

Following President Donald Trump's announcement in 2017 of a decision to exempt the United States from the Global Climate Change Agreement and the Paris Agreement, the world's largest software company is being announced covering a number of climate areas identified by the company. The final element of the target,

Microsoft plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions in its supply chain by more than half by 2030. The plan calls for the creation of a climate innovation fund, which will invest $ 1 billion over the next four years to accelerate the development of decarbonization technologies.

"The effort required by 2030 will require its absence today," said Brad Smith, Microsoft CEO. He added that Microsoft would also increase the internal costs of corporate groups to calculate carbon dioxide emissions.

By 2050, Microsoft said, its goal is to remove all carbon emitted to the atmosphere since its creation in 1975, including direct emissions from sources such as company cars and indirect emissions from energy consumption.

Amazon promised last year that its carbon footprint would be zero by 2040 and that it would buy 100,000 electric cars after employee activists pushed the company into adopting a stricter climate policy.

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