Microsoft's sales of $ 36.9 billion
Microsoft's sales of $ 36.9 billion

Microsoft reported quarterly sales and earnings that exceeded Wall Street analysts' expectations.  Thanks to the strong competition with cloud computing at Amazon, Azure has achieved sales growth in the cloud computing sector through its eight-quarter CEO Satya Nadella approach, which Microsoft has reassigned to the cloud for more than five years.

Sales of the largest software company in the world amounted to $ 36.9 billion, net income of $ 11.6 billion in the second quarter of fiscal year 2020, compared to sales of $ 32.5 billion, and net income of $ 9 billion, $ 8.4 billion, net profit in the second quarter of 2019.

The three divisions recorded comprehensive growth, with Azure becoming the main competitor to Amazon Cloud, up 62%, and Surface and LinkedIn sales increased by 6% and 24%, respectively.

Microsoft said sales of commercial clouds amounted to $ 12.5 billion, compared to $ 9 billion last year, including cloud versions of software such as Azure and the Office suite.

The company's move to cloud computing increased share prices by more than 50% last year, as sales increased with support from the market leader Amazon, and work was done with newcomers like Google Menace for its classic program.

In 2019, Microsoft accounted for 22% of the cloud infrastructure market, while Amazon was 45% and Amazon 5%.

The company's smart cloud division, which includes Azure, announced its quarterly revenue growth of 27% to $ 11.9 billion, while productivity and business, including LinkedIn's social media, grew.  It generates 11.8 billion dollars.

Windows division sales reached $ 13.2 billion, an increase of 2%, and Windows sales fell last year due to the lack of Intel PC chips, and the chip maker said last week that it was and most were mitigating supply problems.

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