Nissan introduces new technologies at CES 2019
Nissan introduces new technologies at CES 2019

Nissan has made a name for itself in this year's CES 2020 consumer electronics that will reduce interior noise and improve energy efficiency.

Nissan Motors has unveiled new, lightweight and soundproof materials known for outstanding sound performance at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This new material consists of simple elements of a nestable structure and a plastic film that controls air vibrations to reduce the spread of wide beams at "500-1200 Hz" frequencies, such as engine and road noise.

Currently, most of the materials used for insulation in this strip are made of heavy rubber sheets, and the new and new soundproof materials from Nissan have special properties no more than a quarter of their weight and provide the same amount of sound insulation.

Because of its simple structure, the cost of manufacturing new materials is parallel, if not better than the cost of existing materials, so that these materials can be used in vehicles in which sound insulation materials are currently used only for a limited period due to cost or weight.

Nissan began its technical research in 2008 with distinction and was used in the highly sensitive antennas used in electromagnetic wave research. Weigh cars to increase fuel efficiency and noise insulation while improving driving comfort and reducing the environmental impact of driving.

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