Ready Chef Go records half a million food orders
Ready Chef Go records half a million food orders

Snap Inc, in partnership with Mojiworks, the leading game developer specially designed for global social media platforms, has launched the exclusive Ready Chef Go cooking game through the online multiplayer platform game from Snap Inc.  , Snap Games.

The game allows friends to play together and fight for cooking skills with other teams of Snapchat users.  This is done with 60-second swift spins and offers to add updates and get tools to ensure the edge of the competition team.

With the release of Ready Chef Go on December 19, 2019, the number of in-game dining requests submitted by in-game competitors has reached 1 billion in the first month of release, and is available to players around the world today.

Mojiworks is the first standalone external developer to launch a game containing 3D Bitmoji characters.  Ready Chef Go allows players to focus on their skills with the best Bitmoji chefs in a 3D version of their favorite characters.

The game currently includes six different restaurant styles that are served at different times of the day.  Short term upgrade courses offer a wide range of seasonal methods and automatic offers.  Mojiworks is currently developing new methods and components to advance in the game, and plans to release gifts to friends in the first months of 2020.

“We realize that the best gaming experience is with friends, so we're excited to launch Ready Chef Go on Snapchat. We've brought the benefits of the SnapGames platform to our friends. Create a great and entertaining game.” With innovative improvements to Bitmoji,  We are excited that the game is popular among players and we look forward to working with the Snap Games team on this project on other future projects.  "

John Emah, Head of Partnerships at Snap Games, said: “We have always endeavored to provide a first-class gaming experience so that our platform users can share it with friends. There is no doubt that Ready Chef Go is a unique addition to our diverse collection List, a game that has been highly praised by  Surprising users, and as Mojiworks demonstrated once again, it is the best partner to start the first game with external 3D Bitmojis characters, and we look forward to exploring this horizon to expand cooperation in the future. "

Ready Chef Go is the sixth third-party platform game Synchronized Snap Games based on the PlayCanvas game engine.  Snapchat users can click the rocket icon to access Snap Games directly from Snapchat chat and chat with friends while playing.

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