BLU Advance S5 HD 16GB+1GB RAM
BLU Advance S5 HD 16GB+1GB RAM

Yes, the title might not make sense either, let me explain. The fight against technology has evolved over the years. Many of these companies are already very corrupt and are working hard to extract data from everything. About 5 years ago I closed the data on my old phone (MyTouch 3G Slide was purchased in 2010). Life would be better without the complexity of the smartphone. Those who feel the same way know exactly what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, T-Mobile 3G has started phasing out and 2G has been withdrawn from circulation in my area, so the quality of my old phone is gradually deteriorating. I can't even spend $ 30 on upgrading the battery because it's so old.

To find a stressful phone to replace the old one, I had to change my mind. Wicked stupid phone price, trash quality, text sending and receiving text messages with QWERTY (T9 still sucking) makes the situation worse. Most of them are second generation or 3G at best, and therefore obsolete. You need a ridiculous phone that can use 4G.

I had expected stupid phones to be frightening and overrated ever since, the cheapest smartphone on the market was rocked and turned into a quiet phone. I am here compared to my cell phone, the S5 speed is 10 years. This may be a joke compared to the time it takes to extract more than $ 1,000 of data in today's market, but in my opinion TALK + TEXT works perfectly and is faster than complexity. QWERTY is solved using the Gboard app. I can activate WLAN at regular intervals in order to update and close all major system apps like phone / SMS / Gboard. You have disabled / uninstalled everything on the phone that provides the survey data carrier. Quickly go to T-Mobile to buy a new nano sim card (my old phone is the biggest monster), and i can start. If you get one good result in the past, you get 3 good results. Nova Launcher is installed, UI cleaning, adding ringtones, notification tones, background images and exceeding all my expectations. If BLU can sell phones like DUMB PHONES, then BLU can occupy an ideal position in the market. I am sure that BLU should not use the product in this way, but it is the best solution for my needs. BLU does a good job, even if it's unexpected.

BLU Advance S5 Technical index

  • Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition) dual SIM smartphone
  • 5.0 inch high definition touch
  • 8MP main camera with flash + 5MP selfie camera with flash
  • Internal memory 16 GB 1 GB of small RAM up to 64 GB, quad-core processor at 3 GHz, GPU Mali 400
  • Quad-band GSM, 3G (850/1900), 4G LTE (4/5/7/28): Compatible with GSM networks. Not compatible with CDMA networks like Verizon, Sprint and Boost Mobile.

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