Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera
Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera

Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera

Thanks to the bright 7-inch screen, colorful bumper bag and long-lasting battery, Dxmart Kids are perfect for kids to play and learn. These kids tablets have apps that make it easy for your kids to browse games and books.
Simply log in to the Play Store and download the free Android app.
Good for the age and skills of children and can be transformed into learning and living the life of a richer child.
Kids can use the tablet with existing parental controls to get more information about your child for free.
Quad-core processors provide the best reading and viewing experience.
1024 * 600 IPS resolution provides vivid colors and sharp images.
The little finger can use this tablet for a full touch screen.
Google Android 8.1 offers an attractive operating system for popular learning and puzzle applications.
Both cameras are suitable for video chatting and taking pictures.
It also offers built-in Wi-Fi and a fast and seamless internet connection and can play interesting animations and videos.

Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera
Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera

Dxmart Android Kids Tablet WiFi Dual Camera Technical index

  • Tablet Kids Spirit Playground contains over 20,000 books, movies, TV shows, apps and educational games, including children's favorite characters. The background color and font for the Android tablet for children has been changed to a child-friendly design, and only titles that you can access are shown. The address is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old.
  • Perfect control: the kids tablet is a child friendly tablet with a child lock. Parents have full control over what a child can access, where you can configure programs, application settings, and where you can use the tablet’s browser
  • Developed to prevent children from biting and dropping them to tablets: Small boards are the perfect solution for parents who need hassle-free protection to avoid the typical confusion caused by falls, bumps and beats from children's toys. With SGS certified silicone sleeves, you don't need to worry about child safety and children's tablets, even if the child bites the tablet.
  • Protect your child's eyes: - Don't worry about the Kids 7 tablet that might hurt your child's eyes! The device is very child-friendly and has a 178-degree wide-angle viewing angle, which can provide clear content to protect children's eyesight. The 7 '' IPS 1024 * 600 display provides bright and vivid graphics.
  • Buy with confidence: We are confident that the full version of this tablet is child-friendly. 1.5 GB Enhanced, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3000 mAh Battery, iWAWA Inhaler. The device provides children with innovative digital educational content that makes learning and developing more entertaining. It is the best gift for children on Christmas and holidays.

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