SARCCH 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Light Bulb Camera
SARCCH 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Light Bulb Camera

The camera lit the light on the garage door. I faced another challenge. This camera comes with a micro SD card. So you don't need to worry about finding one. The configuration was difficult for me and I had to contact technical support. The lamp contains two instructions. One is listed under product description on this amazon page. The person on the camera must download and use the iCSee app. The product states in the Amazon product description that 360Eyes has been used. I was originally using iCSee, but it didn't work. Then I used 360Eyes from another drive recorder and put it in AP mode. After connecting to the WiFi network, I requested a password for the camera. I tried 1234 because it's in the description, but it didn't work. Technical support is said to use the WiFi password and also this password did not work. I had to reset some factory settings, but i logged in using iCSee. No matter how hard this camera is, I'm very happy with it. It has excellent image quality and excellent video resolution. LED lights are bright enough to illuminate the garage door at night. There is no guide on how to use the app, but I did use it to straighten out the camera image and show its exact shape. I have provided a 5-star lamp to this camera for quality assurance. My instruction set is confusing and should be clarified.

SARCCH 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Light Bulb Camera
SARCCH 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Light Bulb Camera

SARCCH 1080P WiFi 360 Degree Light Bulb Camera Technical index

  • Wireless connectivity supports 2.4G Wi-Fi (5G Wi-Fi not supported). Simply download the app and follow the instructions in the instruction manual to connect the camera without a light bulb to the 2.4G router, convenient and practical. Can be used as a watch for children or pets.
  • Full HD 360 degree night and daytime vision function, you can use it as a flashlight, camera wifi flashlight can monitor and control the room, there is infrared light, it will work automatically if dark environment is detected even if it is completely dark. clear picture.
  • Motion detection and motion detection function works with the support of micro SD cards. Five levels of sensitivity can meet your needs. Warnings are transferred to your smartphone via the app. So you don't have to worry about thieves entering your home while you're out, making your home safer.
  • The remote control screen is visible everywhere. Once the light camera is connected to the WIFI network, you can access the live broadcast via iPhone / Android / iPad. You can use it as a baby screen to take care of your children everywhere.
  • The easy-to-install light bulb camera has an E27 socket and is as easy to install as the light bulb! No additional installation steps. It can be installed directly onto the socket where lighting is generally installed. However, be sure to put it in the WiFi area.

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