Hyanwoo GPS Tracker  Kids Smart Watch
Hyanwoo GPS Tracker  Kids Smart Watch

Hyanwoo Smart Watch Technical index

  • Kids smart watch with free SIM card - Kids smart watch is the latest version with free SIM card. Hyanwoo not only offers GPS smart watches, but also SIM cards from $ 10 to $ 15. You can purchase non-conforming SIM cards without having to pay an additional fee
  • SOS Emergency Call - Smart Phone Watch supports two-way calls and SOS emergency calls using the SOS button. It's very easy for a child. Parents can send text messages and call the child. This is important when the child is in an emergency situation. Job
  • Children's GPS tracker watch (LBS + GPS Tracker Dual Security) relies on Global Positioning System (AGPS) and also has a dual positioning system (LBS) to provide double safety protection for your child. Simply download the "SeTracker2" app and you can easily see wherever you are
  • The best gift for a high-definition color screen for children that protects the eyesight of children. The image is more delicate and less dazzling. Versatile composition protects your child. Support photos with one click and enjoy every good moment of your child. Multi-language support, night flashlight, alarm, USB charging time 5 to 7 days. As the best Christmas gifts for the holidays, every child can have fun and learn

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