NETGEAR RBS10-100NAS Orbi Mesh Router
NETGEAR RBS10-100NAS Orbi Mesh Router

Orbis Global WiFi provides high-performance 1Gb / s WiFi and a range of 3,000 sq. Ft. Expand your WiFi coverage in your home and get rid of dead spots and WiFi buffering. If you are out of the room, please keep the WiFi name to ensure uninterrupted connection. Orbi enters the room to work with your internet service provider and is recommended for families operating at speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Connect to the Internet in a few minutes with the Orbi app. Create a NETGEAR Armor network to control the guest and parents, take speed tests and lock the internet from any device on the network directly through the application, better protect NETGEAR Armor, and prevent data theft from all smartphones and computers at home and on the network using the all-in-one smart parental controls For a class of routers that protect your family from Internet threats on routers, you can easily manage network content over the Internet and time from any device

NETGEAR RBS10-100NAS Technical index
  • Compatible only with ORBI SELECT Compatible with entire house WiFi system Orbi RBK12 RBK13 RBK14 or RBR10
  • No more blind spots to cover current Orbi Mesh WiFi systems covering 1,500 square feet and to remove dead WiFi areas and store them temporarily in hard to reach places
  • WiFi Fast AC1200 WiFi provides HD video games at up to 2Gbps or browse and download the internet
  • With the unique WIFI network name, you can freely move inside and out without losing a connection
  • A reliable network extends your Orbi Mesh WiFi network to cover every inch of your home with fast, seamless WiFi from room to room and from floor to wall
  • The easy-to-configure Orbi application makes it easy to add more satellites

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