Verizon launches a new privacy-oriented search engine
Verizon launches a new privacy-oriented search engine

Verizon, Yahoo's parent company, known for its major data breach and violation, launched a brand new written Yahoo search engine called OneSearch. Yahoo has stated that search results will not be shared with advertisers or search results will be adjusted according to your search history.

Michael Albers, director of consumer products at Verizon Media, says that ad-funded OneSearch users can browse the internet safely knowing they will not follow personal, research data, store or share it with advertisers.

Ads in OneSearch should be created based on keywords, not cookies. You can choose the self-destruction option for search results that will be deleted after a while, which is very useful on shared devices, and the search results are provided by Microsoft Bing Build Browser.

As consumers try to stay away from online tracking, more and more browsers protect user privacy, including Brave and DuckDuckGo, and ad-blocking and ad extensions (like Ghostery).

When Yahoo and AOL merged with Oath in 2017, Verizon clarified that targeted ads should be used on the web. In 2016, the company paid 1.3 million euros for unauthorized use of cookies to track users on their mobile phones. Good dollar.

The famous Yahoo! Yahoo is also refreshing: 3 billion customer accounts were hacked in 2013.

The new search engine comes from the company, which operates an extensive ad network with more than 70,000 network and app manufacturers as customers.

Although OneSearch aims to attract users by enabling standard data protection features, search engines can improve a company's ability to match ads to search engines.

According to OneSearch Privacy Policy, search results are only adjusted based on geolocation data collected from IP addresses. OneSearch determines that user IP addresses are separated from search results.

Since the federal government and some states are considering comprehensive data protection laws and many technology companies, including Mozilla and Microsoft, have created new data protection regulations for users in all states, OneSearch has become more popular with people around Internet data protection. The latest consumer products with a focus on data protection. Unit.

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