TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem
TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem

TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem

I bought the modem instead of the 4-year-old Netgear and it started causing me some problems. After selling TP-Link products in my store, I know the brand and love to buy it (especially after it was discovered, I am already working on Windstream DSL). The configuration is generally simple *, but with some minor issues, a less intelligent customer may encounter issues that exceed processing capabilities. Most ISPs do not support third-party modems. However, I can fix these problems and of course connect to the internet.

What's the matter, for starters, the IP address conflicts with my router. Both are set to First, I tried to set the router's IP address to Unfortunately, this is not resolved (for reasons I will discuss soon). At this point, I skipped the router and went straight to the modem. Of course, this applies to the configuration screen.

You have now reached the DSL connection configuration point. I already have the current DSL settings for the old modem, so it's relatively easy to connect them to the new modem. I encountered a strange problem and first rejected my settings (although the settings were correct, serious errors occurred in VPI and VCI replication), but after initial configuration using the wizard, this problem was solved. Then I went back and selected all the configuration options. For some reason, it is still without an internet connection (but without a reason). After reviewing the records, my ISP rejected my username / password. I am tired of some parameters and have to enter my password again. At that point, he finally logged in and indicated that the password you entered was incorrect (in this case, it was my fault). I hope he has better comments on the connection status. PVC x is new to me, so some adjustments were made. I'm sure it's a great feature - I can use it to test different settings - but it's definitely not for everyone and should be in the advanced options rather than being part of the configuration page.

TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem
TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem

Finally, return to the router. The D-Link AC1300 router has an IP range of and above. It turns out that this also applies to the modem. I think even if I change the router's default IP address to 1.254, the modem and modem use the same DHCP range, which confuses the damaged computer. You have set the IP modem to and DHCP to and there is no longer a conflict.

For people who are tech savvy (it's computer technology for me, so it's easy for me), this isn't a big hitch, but it's definitely not for end users to plug and play. Due to configuration problems, I originally wanted to detonate this star, but in the end I could not prove it. Everything works fine and I get 12 mb connection (tested at 12.23 mb / s on The cause of the configuration issue was not a problem with the modem, but rather because of my installation issue regardless of the error message I received the first time. However, this was not enough to overthrow her.

TP-Link Model TD-8616 ADSL2+ Modem Technical index
  • Supports ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2 +. Not compatible with VDSL services.
  • Bandwidth of 24 Mbps
  • 1 telephone line connector and 10 / 100M Ethernet connector
  • Integrated firewall protects against Internet attacks
  • Thunderbolt protection of 6 kV prevents thunderstorms

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